Leadership Coaching: How It Improves Leadership

Leadership coaching is a proven systematic methodology for evaluating and improving executive leadership skills within an organization. It can help business leaders identify skills that need to be developed, key strengths, and improvement strategies. Coaching can also focus on achieving goals within a leader's current work or on moving in new directions. Training directly influences the way leaders think about their leadership behaviors, developing their awareness of their leadership style and giving them the opportunity to reflect on it and to be more reflective in the future regarding their approach to tasks and objectives.

Leadership coaching can significantly shape company culture. It can help managers build trust, with tools to communicate honestly and openly and bring out the best in others. Through training, leaders can also deduce how certain behaviors can detract from culture and, at the same time, provide guidance to change them. If culture is the shared everyday habits of an organization, then leadership coaching can make or break these everyday habits.

Organizational leaders and managers trained in leadership training develop and use the strengths of their teams to create an environment of continuous learning, communication and collaboration. Training leaders bring out the best in their teams, guiding them to their goals and helping them overcome obstacles. When they commit to this level of leadership development with the full support of their organization, leadership training can be transformative. Employees who receive technology-based leadership training have a space to talk about ways to take charge of their organizational impact and learn how to better interact with their managers.

Coaching can help identify these learning opportunities and clearly chart a learning path to help them achieve them with measurable actions. In an interesting new case study published in the International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring, researcher Sally Bonneywell explores precisely how coaching supports the development of women leaders, in particular within a global organization. While development programs for lower-level leaders consist mostly of ineffective basic training sessions in the classroom, higher-level leadership development usually takes the form of executive training with an executive coach. Many of the female leaders included in this study found their relationship with conflict interesting, and the training allowed them to explore the topic. Coaching leadership becomes crucial as organizations become more focused on boosting employee engagement through career guidance initiatives.

All Sounding Board trainers are industry certified and have gone through a 3-step qualification process and receive ongoing supervision and development. By working with a leadership coach, leaders can identify areas where they need to grow, set goals, and receive feedback and support to help them achieve their full potential. Leadership coaching is an essential tool for modern companies seeking to succeed in today's fast-paced and highly competitive business environment. Expert guidance and a practical, highly personalized development method allow the training participant to master new skills much faster than through trial and error or rote learning in the classroom.

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