How much does a leadership coach charge per hour?

The coach will come and evaluate everything, from top to bottom, but it all starts with management. The coach can help you understand workplace relationships, leadership tactics, and how to communicate effectively. Some executive coaches will charge by the hour, while others may refuse to do short-term projects, in general. Many executives hire a coach specifically to take stock of what isn't working in their current position, to get a vision of their future work, or to help them analyze their transition plans.

Most coaches offer a discovery session or training tasting to get to know each other and help them set goals. Next, I offer a way of thinking about prices, examples of my own prices and other ways of setting prices that trainers have shared with me. In addition, working with C-level executives generally requires a more educated and in-demand coach, and requires them to spend more time familiarizing themselves with various aspects of the client's business. Most senior trainers apparently don't set hourly prices, but any contract eventually boils down to the price of time spent training.

When considering the cost of executive coaching, you'll want to understand what the return on investment (ROI) of that work is. Some trainers, usually newly certified, charge hourly for training time, usually for the duration of a contract. When you're looking for an executive coach for your organization's leaders, you'll want to see who will be the person who will be in the room with your leader. This young entrepreneur met with that coach for six months and, in the end, thanked him and went on his way.

There are thousands more who have been training professionally for many years and probably don't see the value of a credential with the clientele and references they have accumulated (and with good reason), and thousands more who are certified through other highly respected training organizations. Years ago, I trained a woman who was also a coach, had a best-selling book and was the keynote speaker for Global 1000 companies. Always ask potential coaches about their years of experience and what credentials they currently hold.

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