What is an example of coaching?

One example is that an employee who is late for work delays a project, but a coach can help develop time management skills and improve employee productivity. Coaches can provide personalized training when company policy changes to help employees change their behavior and adapt to innovations. Employee productivity issues are often related to time management or skill competencies. Productivity has a direct impact on employee objectives and, ultimately, on the organization's business objectives.

Be sure to document training sessions and set improvement goals to achieve higher levels of employee productivity. This balance is important for employees and can affect their productivity if one or the other is out of balance. When adopting an employee training management model, business managers must allow employees to participate in the goal-setting process. By allowing employees to work as goal setters, management can demonstrate to these workers that they are important members of the business team and not simply humble employees.

This collaborative goal creation can take place in a meeting where all employees have a voice, or it can be an ongoing process that is digitally completed in which employees send their goal ideas via email to team leaders, who then integrate them into overall business objectives.

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