The 4 Stages of Executive Coaching: A Guide for Leaders

As a general rule, all training tasks are characterized by four key stages that are consecutive and overlap to a certain extent. The first stage of an executive coaching intervention is the preparation phase. During this stage, the coach meets with the executive team to understand the client's background, objectives, and expected results. It is also important to ensure that the client's team is committed to the training process.

The second stage of an executive coaching intervention is the analysis phase. During this stage, the customer can make one or more evaluations and interview other interested parties. The coach and the client then meet to establish expectations, analyze target competencies for success, and understand the results of interviews with stakeholders. An individual development plan is finalized and shared with the client's sponsoring executive and human resources representative.

The third stage of an executive coaching intervention is the achievement stage. During this stage, surveys are sent to stakeholders to provide feedback on the customer's improvement and progress. The results of these surveys are discussed with the customer and any corrections needed in the course are documented. The customer then focuses on making specific changes to comply with the individual development plan.

The fourth and final stage of an executive coaching intervention is the serenity stage. At this stage, the coach has realized the unique purpose of the sport: to help others go places and do things they never thought possible. The coach and client maintain regular communication in person or by phone to ensure that attention is maintained on the development plan and to discuss successes and problems in specific situations.

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